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We make what we can in the wake of mass destruction
When the pain makes it impossible to function.
That's then when light seems the farthest away.
That's then when we say, "I no longer want to play"  
But out the fire the Phoenix rises from the ashes
Reigniting passions
Recover from the lashes
And only then will we again faithfully dive
Off the cliff of life with new drive to survive.
We love to run and chase the cold black night
Growing older getting over being tired of the fight
The moon she hypnotizes 
We can't control disguises
Enchanted by the sound
Of our dreams finally found 
Using all the tragedy, the burns and the wounds
To lift us up above it all like giant hot balloons
Flying high with love and hope but not forgetting why
We could learn and grow rather than resign to die
Light dark in between a broken heart the wins
together make our lives the good deeds and the sins
Flowing better when we know we understand
The power to create is here in our hands.
We will live like tomorrow won't come
We will love like it's the very first one.
We know now we that can never come undone
We can be as powerful as the sun


Lyrics by Marisa Leigh
Music by Noah Hunt and Marisa Leigh
Production and Sound Design by Noah Hunt
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